Worship Gatherings considering Covid-19

We have started to hold in person gatherings again. The Church has always gathered to worship God together even in the midst of the most difficult crises. The Church is also instructed to do our best to honor and submit to our governing authorities so long as they do not instruct us in ways that contradict our first allegiance to our Lord.

At this time, our Governor's executive orders allow for church gatherings up to the lower of 100 persons or 25% of capacity. For us this means gatherings limited to 65 persons. In honor of this order and in light of public health recommendations, we are asking our church family to abide by the following policy.

Online Registration

We know it is odd to have to register for one of our worship services. But this is the best way we know to manage attendance to comply with current public health restrictions.

Please use our online registration to sign up for our worship services.

Be of good cheer and in good health!

Our bodies are both a gift from God and a temple for the Spirit, designed with a built in immune system. We pray and believe for each person to be in good health. Therefore, we also encourage you to:

  1. Eat healthy, exercise, spend time outdoors, get good sleep, drink plenty of water and do things that will strengthen your immune system
  2. Please do not spread sickness. If you have any symptoms of sickness such as fever, cough, body aches, nausea, etc or if you have been exposed or in close contact to someone with covid-19 in the last 2 weeks, please stay home, rest and join us online! 
  3. If you are in an at-risk category because of age or other health conditions, please consider carefully whether you should attend larger gatherings of people. It is your individual decision and we welcome all, but we want to see you for the long haul as well!

Keeping distance and face coverings

Again, these are matters of individual choice. However, please do not impose your choice on others. Our church culture is very accustomed to and comfortable with hand shakes and hugs when greeting one another. However, during this time of pandemic, please assume that others are avoiding these usual customs.

  1. Households may sit together, but please keep appropriate distance between households
  2. Please avoid hand shakes and hugs unless you know for certain that both parties want to continue the practice
  3. Public health officials recommend everyone wear face coverings when you cannot keep the appropriate distance. Although we are not requiring face coverings, we do recommend that everyone who wants to wear one should wear one. Our greeters, ushers and any other staff or volunteers who are likely to come in close contact with others will wear face coverings. Those singing or speaking from the altar will not be wearing face coverings.

Kingdom Kids – Children's Classes

Starting May 31st, we will offer a reduced number of smaller classes for children aged 4-12 during the 10:30am service only. Participation is optional. If you do choose to have your child attend, registration is required (you can do this on the registration form). If you prefer, you can keep your children with you for the entire service.

Given the nature of kids, it will be impossible to keep them from having close contact with each other while in class.

Cleaning and disinfectant Procedures

We have implemented additional cleaning procedures to ensure our facilities are disinfected and as virus free as possible.

  1. We will be cleaning with disinfectant all the surfaces and areas you might come in contact with. Click here to see our checklist for cleaning.
  2. We will clean before, between and after every service.
  3. We are using a variety of cleaning materials, including commercial disinfectant, Clorox wipes and a water/bleach spray mix.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available at our entrance