"On Mission Together"

In addition to our own local ministry, we support and are involved in a variety of local and international ministries.

Ghana Missions Trip

FALL 2024

Come to Ghana Africa with us to visit the children at Love-A-Lot Children's Home and minister to the people in the local communities. We will be helping to improve the grounds around the children's home, lay in a new driveway and painting. We will also be spending lots of time with the children to love them, minister to them and have fun! We will also be going out into the local communities to evangelize and minister God's amazing love. 

Love A Lot Children's Home

Accra, Ghana

Love A Lot Children's Home was founded by Pastor Charles & Mary Okang, pastors of The Happy Church. This children's home was founded with a vision to care for children abandoned either through the death of their parents or through neglect. We provide a loving home with food and clothing, schooling and a christian foundation. Where possible, we help the children find a new family through adoption. Where adoption is not possible, we create a new family within the Love A Lot family.