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Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger SERIES Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger

Part 2 of Healthy Church.
Listening skills are the most important…

Consider One Another SERIES Consider One Another

April 23, 2017
Part 1 in Series "Healthy Church"

EASTER: The Road to Emmaus SERIES EASTER: The Road to Emmaus

How Jesus is revealed in the breaking of bread

Heaven. Can You Imagine? SERIES Heaven. Can You Imagine?

Part 1. Can You Imagine Heaven? The end state is not going to…


Healthy Church: Sustaining Great Relationships

It is all about the heart!

Resurrection Sunday

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday messages

Make Friends!

Making God's love known

Beyond the Grave

What Happens After You Die?

Teach Us To Pray

Discover the joy of a life devoted to Jesus in prayer

Worship God

5 Part series on what it means to worship God

The Great Co-Mission

Series on joining Jesus in His mission to advance the Kingdom of God in today's modern culture.

Church Shaped by Mission

Series on how a vision for the mission of Jesus shapes our lives.

Joy In His Presence Conference

Joy in His Presence Conference messages

Centrality of Jesus

Centrality of Jesus

God's Eternal Purpose

4 Part series from Ephesians

Follow Me

The Greatest Invitation ever given!

The Knowledge of God's Glory

In this series Pastor Weston explores the Glory of God.

Find Jesus in Strange OT Stories

How is Jesus and the Good News revealed in some of the strange stories of the Old Testament?

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Video and Audio Recordings of Sunday Sermons

Joy & Happiness

The path to true joy and happiness