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Archived SERIES

Healthy Church: Sustaining Great Relationships

The heart attitudes that lead to sustained loving relationships

Resurrection Sunday

Explore the significance of the communion meal as representative of The Gospel and…

Make Friends!

Why making God's love known to others is the best thing you can do with your life.

Beyond the Grave

Four Part series on What Happens After You Die. Heaven, Judgmment, Hell and Everything…

Teach Us To Pray

Prayer is one of the few topics where Jesus' disciples specifically asked Him to…

Worship God

5 Part series on what it means to worship God.

The Great Co-Mission

A series by Pastor Weston Brooks about being mobilized and equipped to fulfill the…

Church Shaped by Mission

Series by Pastor Weston on how a vision for the mission of Jesus shapes our lives,…

Joy In His Presence Conference

Series of messages from the Joy in His Presence Conference with Brian Simmons, Danny…

Centrality of Jesus

Series on the supremacy and centrality of Jesus

God's Eternal Purpose

4 Part series from Paul's letter to the Ephesians on God's Eternal Purpose

Follow Me

The Greatest Invitation ever given!

The Knowledge of God's Glory

In this series Pastor Weston explores the Glory of God.

Find Jesus in Strange OT Stories

All of Scripture points to Jesus, the Son of God, Messiah. However, there are some…

Single Message Sermons

Video and Audio Recordings of Sunday Sermons

Joy & Happiness

Pastor Weston shares a series of messages on the path to true joy and happiness